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Welcome to the homepage of the first-ever e-mail based RPG (Roleplaying game) about TV's coolest cartoon ever, ReBoot.

"What's an RPG?" You ask? An RPG (Also known as a role-playing game) is a game in which people take on the persona of a certain figure, and roleplays out a storyline. This can mean it can be serious, or silly. The choice is yours. You can manipulate the storyline as you see fit, and just basically have fun with it.

Now, let's get to the next part: Signing up. Well, how do you sign up? Simple. Just click below, and follow the instructions. In order to send mail to the list, send it to

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Subscribed yet? Good. Now, feel free to browse around a bit.

Also, special thanks goes out to Al's Waiter, our resident Matrix, he's currently putting together a fic out of our last plot! :-D What a great guy!


Hey folks, it's me, Stitchy. I'm just now starting again in the process of restoring our precious RPG to what it once was. I'm not going to try and swamp myself again with a major overhaul like the one I had planned before, but instead do it bit by bit. Right now I'm concentrating on the site, which is in desperate need of a revamp, and then from there I'll figure out what to do next. It'd be a good idea to check back day to day just to see what has been changed and what will remain the same. This time I am determined to make things work.

Take A Look Around...

Okay, So What's Going On Around Here, Anyway?

Here is the page I've been promising y'all, a page where you can go to read up on what's going on in the RPG. A message board, more namely. But do not try to post to it, becuase I have to approve all messages, and it's only purpose is to inform you, not for discussion.

The Rules

Not too many of them, and they're fairly easy to follow. These are just here to keep the RPG safe, fun, and a nice place to play in.

Available Characters

Take a look at what characters from the TV show are available, which ones are taken, and also there's a little info on picking your character

Made-Up Characters

Look at the profiles of those who have already made their own characters, and also look there for information on creating your own.

Link To Your Favorite RPG!

Okay, well, maybe I don't know if it's your favorite. But by now, you'd better say so, or I'll hunt ya down! ;-)

Thanks for taking a look at my RPG-
Stitchy signing out.